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Why I can’t get enough of the Disney Kool-Aid

Being born in California, it was only natural that there was some Disney mixed into my mind, body and soul. And what luck that I also happened to be born on the same day as Walt himself! (It's still a "fun fact" I like to throw out there every so often.) Now, as I'm in my… Continue reading Why I can’t get enough of the Disney Kool-Aid

Travel Writing

Finding Humanity on the Weekends

In April 2015, Marty and I decided to take whatever weekend I get off from work, and go explore our country's backyards. Why? Because we need a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. We're explorers by nature. We're choosing to explore the "flyover" states, linger longer at forgotten "pit stops," and make friends… Continue reading Finding Humanity on the Weekends