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Why I can’t get enough of the Disney Kool-Aid

Being born in California, it was only natural that there was some Disney mixed into my mind, body and soul. And what luck that I also happened to be born on the same day as Walt himself! (It's still a "fun fact" I like to throw out there every so often.) Now, as I'm in my… Continue reading Why I can’t get enough of the Disney Kool-Aid

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How can I care about personal goals?

It's the Friday of Labor Day weekend, and I am writing an overdue blog post. Overdue because my goal is to write at least one post a week, but lately, my timing has been awful. For some reason I am unable to keep my own personal goals to the same standards as my professional ones. From a… Continue reading How can I care about personal goals?

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Why I’m Losing ‘Hope’ in Women’s Soccer

I wrote this blog last year about Hope Solo. For those of you who know me, I have been an “anti-fan” of Solo’s for years…actually over a decade now. This blog post explains where it stems from, but I do want to add, that I am so incredibly disappointed with how our society has continued to ignore the red flags and warning signs this woman has displayed time and time again, all in the name to either move the cause of women’s sports further, or help the team “win.” Teams win games, not individuals. This isn’t golf. This isn’t tennis. This is soccer, a team sport. So, seriously, US Soccer, WNT, why have you let Hope behave so badly these past 15+ years? Was it because there weren’t policies in place to handle the offenses she was committing? Was it because she was friends with the higher ups? Was it because you felt sorry for her? Was it because you couldn’t see that there are THOUSANDS of girls across the country that are training every day to earn a spot like hers one day, and hell, there are probably at least 20 that could take it from her not only by their skill but also by their character. No, Hope. I don’t need to hear your rebuttals or your comments. What I want to hear, as a former soccer player, a former goalkeeper, a former female athlete, and a current fan, WHY this got to play out so long?

The Bite Me Chronicles

I started in competitive soccer when I was 6 years old and played until I was about 17, “retiring” after having two knee surgeries and countless broken bones.

I’ve been a loyal US soccer fan since I started kicking the ball, wearing a Mia Hamm number nine jersey when the ’99 team won against China. Attending dozens of Chicago Fire soccer games at Soldier Field, North Central College stadium during the construction of their new stadium, and finally, at Toyota Field. I was lucky enough to attend the 2003 Women’s World Cup in California, watching some of the greats play their last matches.

After the 2003 World Cup, a new set of legs hit the pitch in 2007. I was sad to see that eras were ending, especially some of my favorite players, but excited to get to know these new ladies.

Abby Wambach made herself known to the world, scoring…

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How I hid my financial insecurity in my shopping basket

I like nice things. I like decorating, putting things together that might otherwise have been separate. I like to design. I like to fengshui. I like to style. I LOVE organizing. I still get excited when I see office supplies & back to school displays in Target. I typically have to be led away. It… Continue reading How I hid my financial insecurity in my shopping basket

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Why I succeed at failing

I have been letting myself down a lot this past year. I've been making excuses for why I'm treading water. I've been blaming the universe for giving me difficult circumstances, that prevent me from moving forward. I then decide that the solution to get away from all this negative juju invading my headspace is to well, move. Queue positive vibes &… Continue reading Why I succeed at failing


So Long, Midwest…Hello, Sunburn!

Welp, it's finally done! After mailing 9 boxes at a 24-hour FedEx in Lakeview, playing the ultimate game of Tetris with my RX 330 + driving across Illinois-Iowa-Nebraska-Wyoming-Utah-Nevada in 3 days, we arrived to Cali-four-nie-yay! How Solano County compares to Cook County, thus far: There's unexpected traffic in Solano County, but you're surrounded by vineyards,… Continue reading So Long, Midwest…Hello, Sunburn!